The Six Golden Rules

  1. Never point a gun at another person
  2. Never carry your gun in a way that it can point at any person
  3. Never swing across the line between yourself and another person
  4. Never shoot where you cannot see
  5. Never cross an obstacle without first unloading your gun
  6. Never leave your gun loaded.

The ShotgunThe ShotgunThe ShotgunGun Safety

  • Check when taking your firearm out
  • Check before handing it to any person
  • Check before laying it down
  • Check before entering a vehicle
  • Check before taking it into your house
  • Check before storing it away

Safety in the field

  • Always keep your finger well clear of the triggers except when taking a shot.
  • Carry a pull through or something similar in your game bag in order to clear obstructions in the barrel of your firearm.
  • Do not fire if you cannot see where the shot will go. ie into bushes or a hedge
  • Do not fire at sounds or movement in bushes thinking that it is your quarry. Clearly identify your target before raising your gun to the shooting position.
  • Always be sure of what you are shooting : If in any doubt whatsoever, DO NOT FIRE. Better to be safe than sorry afterwards.
  • Do not fire towards roads, houses, livestock, etc.
  • Do not fire at rocks or water or where ricochets can occur.
  • Always respect Landowners and their property. Do not frighten livestock – sheep or horses in particular and always close gates.
  • Eye and ear protection, while essential on a range, are not practical in the field and could in fact pose a safety risk
  • If you create litter, spent ammunition shells for example, bringĀ  such litter home. In the same way NEVER leave behind any bird or animal shot.